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Nancy Notes 8-9-07

Audio books “Divisadero” by Michael Ondaatije; “Dream When Your Feeling Blue” by Elizabeth Berg

Please take a few minutes to read the press release published elsewhere in this week’s paper regarding our NEIBORS program. Audio books have taken off at a huge rate in the public libraries. With more commuters and the increasing number of elderly with poor vision our circulation in this area has become quite large. The NEIBORS program gives patrons of participating libraries a chance to download audio books to their MP3 players or burn to disc for use in their cars. At the end of a checkout period the files will expire from the patrons computer and be automatically returned into the NEIBORS digital collection. For more information refer to the article or call the library at 532-3673.
    Michael Ondaatije, author of “The English Patient” has written a new novel “Divisadero”. It is the story of intersecting lives that range across continents and time. The story begins in the 1970s in Northern California where a father and his daughters work their farm with the help of a young man who makes his home with them. They form a makeshift family until an incident of violence sets fire to the rest of their lives. Readers are taken from the city of San Francisco to the backrooms of Nevada’s casinos and eventually to the landscape of south-central France. The narrative moves back and forth in time and place with each character finding a foothold in the in the present which was carved from the past.
    Elizabeth Berg is a popular novelist who has recently published “Dream When Your Feeling Blue”. The story takes readers to Chicago during World War II. And tells the tale of three sisters, their Irish family, and the men they love. As the novel opens Kitty and Louise say good-bye to their boyfriends who are going to fight overseas. Each night the sisters write letters-Louise to her fiancé, Kitty to the man she wishes would propose, and Tish to all the men she meets at the USO dances. In the letters the sisters send and receive are glimpses of the life both on the battlefront and at home.
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