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Nancy's Notes 9-20-2007

“The Manny” by Holly Peterson, “The Wedding Officer” by Anthony Capella, “Lawman” by Diana Palmer

            Reader’s who want some light, entertaining reading will enjoy Holly Peterson’s “The Manny”.  When Jamie Whitfield’s troubled son is in need of a male role model she hires herself a “many”. Jamie has most everything she needs, a big apartment and full-time help but a very detached, workaholic husband. At first the idea of hiring a full-time father figure for her nine-year-old son sounds too crazy to be true. But when she meets Peter Bailey she is won over by is calm, competent, down-to-earth personality.

            Anthony Capella will entertain reader’s with “The Wedding Officer”. The story takes place in 1944 when Captain James Gould arrives in Naples. His assignment is to discourage marriages between British soldiers and their Italian girlfriends. The innocent young officer may succeed if he isn’t distracted by a young widow. Seduced by her fiery personality James is about to learn that his heart may rank higher than his orders.

            Diana Palmer is the author of over 100 books. She is back with “Lawman”. Danger collides with romance when San Antonio FBI agent Garon Grier buys a ranch in Jacobsville, Texas where he is hoping to mend some broken family fences. He’s not looking for love when he finds himself attracted to the girl next door. She is a shy woman who believes some secrets are best kept hidden. The truth will prove dangerous when Garon tackles the most difficult case of his career, hunting an escaped convict whose former victims are all dead. All except one.

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