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Nancy's notes Sept. 27

“Jinx” by Meg Cabot, library ordinance, Dana Wankenin Newsweek magazine

Nancy’s notes


Meg Cabot is a very popular writer for young adult females. Best known for “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, her most recent novel is “Jinx”. There was a very nice article about the book in the Sunday paper’s magazine section. The book is loosely based on Cabot’s past. Cabot moved from a small town in Indiana to New York City

as a young woman. She remembers crying every day because people seemed so mean to her.

            In “Jinx”, Cabot takes an Iowa teen named Jean (Jinx is her nickname) and moves her to Manhattan’s Upper East Side where she doesn’t fit in with her rich cousins. The part I find intriguing about the story is Cabot’s research. To explore the small town vs. big city lifestyle she chatted with two teens. One was a freshman at Horace Mann School in Manhattan, and the other was an 8th grade student from Iowa City.

            This week’s article is a just of variety of whatever takes my fancy. I recently came across information on the library ordinance. Many people wonder how we are governed so I thought I’d take this opportunity to pass on the information.

            In Iowa a public library is established by an ordinance adopted by the city council. This ordinance states the number of board members, how they are appointed and their terms of office; powers and duties of the library board including authority to set the librarian’s salary and control over the library’s expenditures; procedure for budgeting and approving bills; and reports required from the library to the city council.

The five primary roles of the board are 1) advocate for the library in the community and advocate for the community as a member of the library board; 2) plan for the future of the library; 3) monitor and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the library; 4) set library policies; 5) hire and evaluate the library director.

The mayor and city council have two basic powers in regard to the library. They appoint library board members and appropriate total library funding from the General Fund to the library each year.

            I was gong to explain how we get our funding but I guess you’ll just have to contain your excitement and wait another week or two. A patron just came in and passed on some fun information that I thought might be more interesting. In the current Newsweek magazine there is a Clarion celebrity pictured. Dana Wanken is shown flipping burgers at the Iowa State Fair with Hillary Clinton munching on one right beside him. He may not have made the front cover but it’s still pretty neat that he received the publicity.

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