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Nancy's Note 10-18-07

“The Power of Simple Prayer” by Joyce Miller, “The Penny” by Deborah Bedford and Joyce Meyer. “The Devil Who Tamed Her” by Johanna Lindsey, Magazines and Newspapers.

Now that it is cold and dark early in the evening a good book may sound better than outdoor activities. Stop in Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We will find you something interesting and or relaxing to pass the time.

            Joyce Miller is a well- known inspirational speaker. She travels extensively throughout the world conducting conferences. For those of you who need to read something uplifting you may find Miller’s, “The Power of Simple Prayer” just the ticket. Joyce talks about the different types of prayer: 1) Praise, worship, and thanksgiving, 2) consecration and commitment, 3) petition and perseverance, 4) intercession, and 5) prayers of agreement. She explains the keys to understanding unanswered prayer, identifies the various hindrances to effective prayer, how to use the Bible in prayer, and how prayer can help you stay strong in life. Joyce helps readers understand what we need and should expect from prayer and how to unleash its power.

            Deborah Bedford and Joyce Meyer join together to write “The Penny”. Their story begins when Jenny Blake stoops to pick up a penny embedded in the hot asphalt. A chain of events that will transform her life and the lives of those around her begins on that summer day in 1955. She is swept into a friendship with Miss Shaw, a woman who will change Jenny’s future forever. As the two work together at the local jewelry store they form a friendship that helps them confront secrets in their pasts. The two begin to overcome their brokenness and grief and find the freedom they’ve been craving. They might even begin a ripple effect that goes on to bring new life to the people around them, showing how God works in the smallest details, even in something as small as a penny. The two find big decisions often don’t amount to much, but little decisions sometimes transform everything.

            I guess the final title today is probably far from inspirational but it should be a fun read. Johanna Lindsey, a popular romance author, is back with “The Devil Who Tamed Her”. Ophelia Reid is known not only for her beauty but also for the rumors she spreads. She purposely wrecked her engagement to Duncan MacTavish that her father arranged. Now she wants to return to London’s marriage mart and make her own choice of a wealthy husband. On her journey she meets Raphael Locke, Viscount Lynnfield. He has disliked Ophelia since she caused a scandal to avoid marriage to his friend MacTavish. Having comforted her in a tearful moment, he begins to wonder if she’s not all bad. When MacTavish claims that Ophelia will never be anything but spiteful, Rafe bets his friend that he can turn her into a kindhearted lady who will one day make a good match, just not with him.

            If you have only a few minutes of spare time you might also enjoy one of our many periodicals. We carry over 50 magazine subscriptions as well as subscriptions to each of the county papers, Mason City Globe, Fort Dodge Gazette, and the Des Moines Register. Most of these items can be checked out or come in and relax and enjoy them over your noon hour.