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Nancy's Note 12-20-07

“Dead Heat” by Dick Francis, “Into the Minds of Babes” by Lisa Guernsey

            We had the best time Wednesday evening when Santa came to visit the library. The library had 80 hotdogs warmed up and ready for the crowd. Only six remained at the end of the night. After enjoying their sandwich and chips Santa read a story to those in attendance. Children had a chance to tell him their Christmas wishes. Several tables with craft projects were set up for those waiting to talk with our visitor.  Most families stayed the entire hour. It was great to catch the enthusiasm of our young readers.

            I just had a patron in who mentioned how much they enjoyed “Dead Heat” by Dick Francis. The suspense novel involves Max Moreton, a rising culinary star who has been met with great acclaim. When nearly all the guests who enjoyed one of his meals fall victim of food poisoning his reputation takes a hit. Max tries to overcome the disaster when he caters the sponsors of Britain’s 2,000 Guineas stakes. Then a bomb blast rips through the private box seating, killing some of his staff and many of the guests. Two close calls are too close for comfort and Max vows to protect his name before it’s too late.

            One of the ads on television that drives me crazy is the V smile ad where the parent won’t let the child do anything until he plays with his educational video game. I know this is simply a ploy to capture the consumer’s attention but I do think many people are falling into the trap of video and audio products sold for the very young as a learning tool. You can tell I’m an old dog who doesn’t believe you can replace reading and play with stimulation from technology. Whether you agree with me or not you may be interested in reading “Into the Minds of Babes” by Lisa Guernsey. The author researched the effects of television and DVD’s on children from infancy to five-year-olds. She explored what is considered “educational media and examines how play and language development are affected by background and foreground television. Guernsey discusses how to choose videos that are age-appropriate. She explains how to avoid “brain stimulation” and focus instead on social relationships and building blocks of language and literacy.

            Stop in and see us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We will have shortened hours on New Years Eve Day when we will be open between noon and 3:00 p.m.  The library will be closed on New Years Day.