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Nancy's Notes - January 10, 2008

“A Killer’s Kiss” by William Lashner, “The Chase” by Clive Cussler, “The Daring Book for Girls” by Andrea Buchanan, “Home to Holly Springs” by Jan Karon

I thoroughly enjoyed the holidays but I must admit I’m ready for some down time. A good book and blanket when it’s this cold makes the evenings relaxing.

            If you’d like a good mystery try, “A Killer’s Kiss” by William Lashner. Victor is a second-rate lawyer who once upon a time was engaged to the elegant Julia. Since she was out of his league Victor always assumed she’d burn him and she did. Now she’s back. Her husband has been murdered and her fingerprints are all over the crime scene, and $1.7 million in cash is missing. Julia is suddenly in need of a fall guy. Victor convinces himself that Julia truly wants to make amends for the past, until two cops tromp into his apartment and start fingering Victor for the murder.

            Clive Cussler’s newest historical thriller is entitled “The Chase” is set in 1906 in America’s western states. They have been suffering a crime spree, a string of bank robberies by single man who is a cold-blooded murderer. He kills all witnesses and vanishes without a trace. The U.S. government brings in their best man, Isaac Bell, to catch “The Butcher Bandit”. Bell has never had a challenge like this as he tracks down the best criminal mind he has ever encountered.

            A few weeks ago I wrote about the “Dangerous Book for Boys” which had been on the best-seller list for months. Not to be out-done by the male species, Andrea Buchanan has written “The Daring Book for Girls”. The titles are rather misleading. They make the books sound too hazardous for youngsters. However both books are filled with children’s activities that were popular during the 50’s and 60’s. The girl’s edition includes fun things to do at a slumber party and other activities that do not involve a television or electronic games. The purpose of both titles is to show children, and young adults that they can make their own form of entertainment and enjoy themselves without the stimulation of technological gadgets.

            Jan Karon has to be one of the top, popular writers of inspirational fiction. She recently completed “Home to Holly Springs” which is the first of the Father Tim novels. Father Tim is a character from her Mitford series. After thirty-eight years Father Tim Kavanagh returns to his childhood home of Holly Springs, Mississippi. He wants to find what became of Tommy, his forbidden childhood friend and Peggy , a woman who was a second mother to him. He figures you can’t go home again until he discovers surprising number of old connections have survived time and neglect. He finds forgiveness that only a trip back home can inspire.

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