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Nancy's Notes February 7, 2008

“A Whole New Light” by Sandra Brown, “A Week from Sunday” by Dorrothy Garlock, “My Grandfather’s Son” by Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, "“New Year’s Quilt” by

The” big one” hit again last week. We were open on Tuesday for most of the
day. With the wind blowing and the temperature dropping we decided to close
at 5:00 p.m. Any time the weather is extreme, please give us a buzz to see
if we are open. We don’t want anyone falling or having an accident trying to
get to the library and then finding us closed. We will announce early
closings on KQWC.
Sandra Brown has a large following. Her latest is “A Whole New Light”. When
two people who have known each other for years find themselves suddenly
attracted to one another they see each other in a whole new light. Cyn
McCall knew she could count on her late husband’s friend and business
partner, Worth Lansing. He could make her laugh and she loved to tease him
about his many romantic encounters. When Worth invites Cyn to a getaway
weekend in Acapulco, he doesn’t expect to be sharing a room or to respond to
her the he does.
Iowa author Dorothy Garlock lives in Clear Lake. She is also very popular
with those who enjoy reading about romance. In “A Week from Sunday” Adrianna
Moore has just had a double shock: the death of her father and the discovery
that he had left his entire estate to his lawyer. The dishonest, social
climbing attorney promises to give her back her inheritance is she will
marry him a week from Sunday.
Now that I’ve written about a couple lighter, entertaining stories I’d like
to let you know about a book with a little more substance. “My Grandfather’s
Son” is the story of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. He was born in
rural Georgia on June 23, 1948 into a life of poverty. His parents divorced
when he was still a baby and his father moved north leaving his mother to
raise three young children on ten dollars a week. At age seven, Thomas and
his brother were sent to live with his maternal grandfather and
step-grandmother. It was a move that would change Thomas’s life.
The Elm Creed Quilts series is very popular with readers. The latest
installment is “New Year’s Quilt”. The story centers around Master Quilter
Sylvia Compson. As a late-in-life newlywed she discovers love can enter our
lives at any age. Before she can truly enjoy her present happiness, she must
face the sorrow hidden in her past. Sylvia must come to terms with the
circumstances that left her estranged from her sister, Claudia, until it was
too late to make amends. Vowing not to repeat the same mistake with her new
daughter-in-law, Amy, who opposed Sylvia’s marriage to her father. Sylvia
must convince Amy that family is more precious than pride.
Stop in and enjoy these or other titles: Monday through Wednesday between
noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00