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Nancy's Notes, April 3, 2008

“Stranger in Paradise” by Robert Parker, “Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen” by Susan Gregg Gilmore, “Panning for Murder” by Jessica Fletcher.

            Hopefully it’s Spring, so stop in while you’re out walking and pick up some materials to read. First on your list might be the newest Jesse Stone novel by Robert Parker, “Stranger in Paradise”. The last time Stone, the police chief in Paradise, Massachusetts, saw “Crow” Cromartie, an Apache hit man, he was racing away in a speedboat after executing one of the most deadly heists in the town’s history.   Residents were kidnapped, some killed, and Crow managed to escape with a boatload of cash, never to be seen until now. He returns to Stone’s office to ask Jesse to stay out of his way as he works on his newest mission.

            If you’re looking for a new author you may want to try Susan Gregg Gilmore. She brings readers “Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen”. The story begins in the early 1970’s in Ringgold, Georgia, population 1,923. The town has one traffic light, one Dairy Queen and Catherine Grace Cline, the daughter of Ringgold’s third-generation Baptist preacher. Dying to escape her small-town life, she spends every Saturday afternoon sitting at the Dairy Queen, eating Dilly Bars and plotting her getaway to Atlanta. With the help of a family friend, her dream becomes a reality and she packs her bags ready to leave her family. Before things get off the ground in Atlanta, tragedy brings Catherine Grace back home. Sweeping changes come to Ringgold making her wonder if her place in the world may actually be right where she began.

            Fans of Murder She Wrote should enjoy “Panning for Murder” the latest episode with Jessica Fletcher. Jessica is at a book signing when there is a commotion at the front door. A disheveled man shoves her friend Kathy through the front door. She has a look of panic on her face. The man carried in a canvas bag with a lethal-looking hunting knife. When Jessica asks him to put it down he slams the bag on the table, sending copies of the her books flying. He withdrew a copy of Jessica’s new book and slapped it in front of her. The only thing she could think of the say was, “ Would you like me to sign that?”

            Come in and pick up one of these or many other good books: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.