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Nancy's Notes June 17, 2008

“Before Green Gables” by Budge Wilson, “Careless in Red” by Elizabeth George, “Breaking Free” by Herschel Walker, Jerry Mungadze, Summer reading program.

            Don’t forget to keep looking for those overdue items. During the entire month of June late materials can be returned with no fine imposed. It’s very easy to set our books or videos with your own collection, so now would be a good time to look those items.

            One of my favorite movies or mini-series is “Anne of Green Gables”. We recently acquired a copy of “Before Green Gables” which is a prequel to that title. This story tells the tale of Anne Shirley’s early life and the journey that led her to Prince Edward Island. After baby Anne’s parents die in an epidemic, she is sent from one foster family to another where she searches for love. She is a clever child who learns to talk early and finds joy in her imagination by escaping into the world of books.  Through her adventures her vibrant personality, her hot temper, and her dramatic flair shine through.

            Elizabeth George recently wrote “Careless in Red”. George brings back Scotland Yard Investigator Thomas Linley. The investigator recently retreated to Cornwall to recover from the senseless murder of his wife. He spent six weeks living a solitary life, but no matter how exhausting his days, the memory of her death did not diminish. On the forty-third day of his walk, Lynley discovers the body of a young man at the base of a cliff. He appears to have fallen to his death. It soon becomes apparent that a cleaver killer is at work and this time Lynley is not a detective but a suspect.

            Non-fiction sports fans will enjoy “Breaking Free” a biography about one of football’s greatest running backs. He capped his college football career by earning the 1982 Heisman Trophy. He then spent twelve years in the NFL. Despite the acclaim he won with his athletic skills, he realized that his life was out of control. He often felt angry, self-destructive and unable to connect with family and friends. Herschel turned to professionals for help and was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Walker was born into a poor, loving Southern family. He was an overweight child with a stutter who suffered bullying at school. He created “alters” who came forward and helped him overcome numerous obstacles.

            Come in and visit us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.





            Mark the first four Tuesdays in July on your calendar. The library will host library “Ant-ics” at 1:00 p.m. on those dates as part of their “Catch the Reading Bug!” program. Kick-off will be held on July 1. Participants will enjoy crafts and other buggy activities. July 8 Bob Bohm will present his “Need to Read” program, where you favorite librarians may be sawed in half! Join Fax Gilbert for his “Mime, Masks, and Magic” on July 15. The finale will be held on July 22 when Wright County Conservation will present and participants will enjoy other “ant-ics”.