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Nancy's Notes - August 15

“Fearless Fourteen” by Janet Evanovich, “Not in the Flesh” by Ruth Rendell, “Say Goodbye” by Lisa Gardner, “Broken Window” by Jeffrey Deaver.

            Our book sale has been going great! We continue to put new items on it as time permits. We will be finishing weeding the adult fiction soon and I have recently completed the biographies. For you nonfiction readers we hope to get into that area soon, so keep stopping to see what “new” items are on the sale shelves.

            Janet Evanovich is currently our most popular mystery writer and probably in the top five of requested authors of any sort. She brings back Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, once again in “Fearless Fourteen”. The story revolves around an armed robbery committed by Dom Rizzi who stashes the money and serves his time. Dom’s cousin is Joe Morelli is a cop and his sister, Loretta is a single mother waiting tables. Less than a week after Dom’s release from prison, Joe has people breaking into his house and dying in his basement. Soon he’s getting threatening letters, Loretta is kidnapped, and Dom is missing. Stephanie Plum who has a long-standing relationship with Morelli is thrown together with him once more when she gets involved in the bank robbery disaster on day one.

            Ruth Rendell will thrill suspense readers with “Not in the Flesh”. It begins as a truffle-hunting dog starts to dig and unearths what looks like a truffle worth several hundred pounds. When the dirt falls away it reveals not a mushroom but bones and tendons of a human hand. Chief Inspector Wexford is called in to try to piece together events that took place eleven years earlier when someone was secretly interred on a secluded patch of countryside. Now Wexford and his team will need to interrogate everyone who lives nearby to see if they can turn up a match for the dead man.

            Lisa Gardner’s “Say Goodbye” revolves around a spider-obsessed killer who is hunting Atlanta prostitutes. FBI special Agent Kimberly Quincy is the only one who seems to care that prostitutes are disappearing with no explanation. Dead hookers aren’t Kimberly’s specialty and she has other things to worry about rather than a lunatic who uses spiders to kill his victims. Now without any bodies and with few clues, it’s clear that a serial killer has found the key to the perfect murder.

            My sister recently completed “Broken Window” by Jeffrey Deaver and really enjoyed it. It is the latest title in his Lincoln Rhyme series. Rhyme and partner Amelia are asked to investigate the murder charges leveled against his estranged cousin, Arthur. Forensic evidence from Arthur’s home is found all over the scene of the crime. Soon, Lincoln and Amelia uncover a string of similar murders and rapes with perpetrators claiming innocence despite evidence at the scenes of the crime. Rhymes realizes this “perfect” evidence may actually be the result of an identity theft and manipulation.

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