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Nancy's Notes - October 16th

“Sunday Afternoon on the Porch” by Jim Heynen, “My Miracle Marine” by Connie McClellan, “September Songs: Good New About Marriage in the Later Years” by Maggie Scarf,

Nancy’s notes


            If you want an enjoyable book that you can finish in an evening, take home “Sunday Afternoon on the Porch” by Jim Heynen. It is a compilation of photos, with short narrations, taken sixty years ago by Everett Kuntz in Ridgeway, Iowa. In 1939 Everett spent his entire savings on a 35 mm camera. He made a camera case out of scraps and began his hobby in photography. Kuntz bought movie reel film in bulk, rolled his own film, and developed photos at home in his closet. Since there was no money to print pictures much of the film stayed in storage, forgotten until 2002. When Everett became ill with cancer he finished developing the bulk film. The book brings back fond memories of small-town main street and slower paced living. A time of innocence and rural values shows through.begins in June 2005 when 19-year-old Marine Lance Corporal John McClellan is deployed to Afghanistan. Five months later, while on duty he is shot twice in the same arm, in the same

            “My Miracle Marine” is a story of a mother’s faith and God’s miracles. The book week. The injuries he sustained were viewed as minor. On September 11, 2006 McClellan was deployed to Iraq, fifteen days later, he sustained a sniper shot through his head. His injuries were so severe the doctor told his parents that if he were to survive he would not be the same. At that moment John’s mother, Connie, launched a flow of e-mails to family and friends requesting prayers. The book includes those e-mails as well as emails from John’s comrades. At the end of the e-mail journal Connie writes a narration describing other incredible events the family experienced during John’s recovery.

            I knew I was getting older now that I’m a grandma as well as a mom. Now I’ve found myself categorized as being in my “September years” of marriage. Journalist Maggie Scarf has written “September Songs: Good New About Marriage in the Later Years”. In this century life expectancy has been lengthened by thirty years. In her book Scarf investigates how marriage has evolved with these added “bonus years”. She interviewed couples married for more than two decades and found most were more satisfied with their marriages today than they were in their early years. The “September years” explores the new opportunities available to these couples with the extra years they have together.

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