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Nola's Notes- October 2, 2008

    The library’s location, as Nancy mentioned last week, has changed. 
You can now find yur public library at 912 Central Avenue East, the
Gramstad building.  We anticipate being at this site for approximately
one year, during the expansion and renovation.

    Although the  location has changed, the hours open continue to be the
same, (Monday through Wednesday from 12:00-8:00,  Thursday through
Saturday from 10:00 - 5:00),  and library services remain intact:  The
entire collection has been moved; interlibrary loan lending and
borrowing services are provided; home deliveries are offered; reference
questions submitted; computer services, including wireless are
available, and book discussions are planned.  Please stop in at your

    What is happening at the original building lately?  As you may have
noticed, the contractors began working on the project on September
15th.  Digging has progressed, footings are in place, and within the
building, asbestos tiles have been removed.  You can find photos of he
library’s building project on Becky’s blog at the library’s website,

    It’s an exciting time, and step-by-step, the process continues.