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Nancy's Notes - December 4, 2008

“Being Elizabeth” by Barbara Taylor Bradford, “Silks” by Dick Francis and Felix Francis, “Off Season” by Anne Rivers Siddons, “Santa Clawed” by Rita Mae Brown.

Nancy’s notes
    We have purchased many of our best-sellers in both regular and large print.  One of the newest editions is “Being Elizabeth” by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  As the story opens, twenty-five year old Elizabeth Deravenel Turner finds herself the head of Deravenels, a global business empire.  The company’s roots go far back in her family’s history.  She knows the price that many had to pay to see it reach its current success.  Surrounded by rumors and disloyalty, she is aware that there are many people who would give anything to take the company down-and her with it.
    Author Dick Francis is now writing books with his son Felix. Together they have written “Silks”. When Julian Trent is found guilty of the unprovoked attack on an innocent family, defense lawyer Geoffrey Mason hopes his client receives a stiff sentence. He is shocked when Trent receives only eight years. Mason doesn’t realize he will be staring into Trent’s eyes sooner than that.
    Someone came in last week and told me how much they enjoyed “Off Season” by Anne Rivers Siddons. I took it home and am currently in the middle of it. Cam and Lilly have been happily married for many years and have raised their family when Cam suddenly dies. After his death Lilly takes a solitary road trip to their favorite spot on the coast of Maine. There she looks hard to her past to try to make sense of her future. The journey begins with tender memories and culminates in a revelation that will make Lilly reevaluate everything she thought was true about her husband and her marriage.
    Rita Mae Brown will get readers in the Christmas spirit with her latest, “Santa Clawed”. The mystery features “Harry” Haristeen and her two sleuthing cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter. Harry knows there’s hardly a place on earth cozier than Crozet, Virginia at Christmastime. The snowflakes drift down and carols are sung in the streets. Even the cats get in the spirit, batting ornaments and climbing the holiday tree. It’s this year’s tree that Harry and her husband, Fair, have gone to fetch when they find they chose one grimly decorated with a dead body. Harry knows she shouldn’t take it personally, but it was her tree that someone left the corpse under. Now, as the season grows merrier, a murderer is growing bolder. One by one, prominent men of Crozet are being crossed off Christmas shopping lists and added to the morgue.
    Come in and find an enjoyable book: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.