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Nancy's Notes - January 15, 2009

"The Lupus Handbook" by Dr. Daniel J. Wallace, "Not Without Honor: the Nazi POW Journal of Steve Carano", "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Living", "What Happened" by Scott McClellan.

We try to stay fairly current on our medical information, if that if possible.  Weeding takes place more often in this area and new, current, books are often needed when the old still look like new.  We recently replaced some of our older materials on lupus with "The Lupus Handbook". This is the fourth and newest edition of this book written by Dr. Daniel J. Wallace.  Having treated over 2,000 patients, he is one of world's leading authorities on this disease of the immune system.  The book provides answers to questions regarding the cause of lupus, how it affects the body, and how to manage the disease.  Wallace gives the most up-to-date information on causes, prevention, cure, exercise, diet and other topics.

World War II buffs will be interested in "Not Without Honor: the Nazi POW Journal of Steve Carano". The biography begins on a December day in 1943 when the B-17 Steve Carano is riding in is shot down over the Dutch coast on a return flight to England.  He then began an eighteen-month incarceration in Stalag XVII B.  This is the camp made famous in Hogan's Heroes. During his confinement, he kept a journal in a blank book provided by the Red Cross.  "Not Without Honor" ties together the stories of three American POW's who survived the "Death March" from northern Germany to liberation in April of 1945.

Going "green" is one of the new buzz words.  We have added several books on this topic. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Living" gives readers a down-to-earth explanation of what sustainable living is, how to switch to alternative vehicles and fuels, energy and water-saving strategies you can use every day and stories of companies that have gone green.

The final non-fiction book this week is "What Happened" by Scott McClellan.  In 1999 McClellan accepted the job of a lifetime , working as press spokesman for Texas governor George W. Bush, as he was beginning his campaign for the presidency.  McClellan would serve the president for more than seven years, becoming part of his inner circle of advisers and attaining the job of White House Press Secretary.  From that position McClellan witnessed, day to day and year to year, exactly what happened to take the presidency he served off course.  It provides perspective on the events, policies and personalities of the Bush administration.

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