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Nancy's Notes - January 1, 2009

"Rough Weather" by Robert Parker, "Cross Country" by James Patterson, "Faces of Fear" by John Saul.
Nancy's notes

Now that winter is here in full force don't get stuck at home without a book.  Stormy days are good movie days but if you loose power you can still read a book.

Robert Parker has written "Rough Weather", number 37 in his Spenser series.  In this latest edition, Spenser plays a bodyguard at a society wedding on Tashtego Island, where his nemesis, the Gray Man, guns down guests and kidnaps the bride.  Heidi Bradshaw is a wealthy golddigger recently separated from her latest husband.  She recruits Spenser, a private investigator, to act as a body guard at her daughter's wedding.  Spenser figures it as an easy job: show up for appearances, have some drinks, and spend quality time with his girlfriend.  When a storm begins brewing outside, Gray Man takes action indoors, by firing fatal shots into the crowd of wedding guests and kidnapping the bride.  Unable to prevent the attack, Spenser will stop at nothing to recover the bride and figure out how Gray Man is connected.  Key witnesses are dead, and Heidi Bradshaw is uncooperative. When Spenser discovers a connection between all the men in Heidi's life, he must decide who the real enemy is.

James Patterson is one of our most prolific and popular authors.  He is back with "Cross Country", number 14 in his Alex Cross series.  Detective Cross is called to the worst murder scene he has ever encountered.  Someone has slaughtered a family and then gone on to commit more ruthless murders.  As Alex and his girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, dig deeper into the case, they become entangled in the African underworld of Washington, D.C.  What they discover is so shocking that they can barely comprehend it.  When the killer's trail turns up in Africa, Alex knows that he must follow.  When he arrives in Nigeria, he discovers a world where justice is as foreign as he is.

John Saul is one of the most widely known writers of horror stories.  He entertains readers with his newest, "Faces of Fear".  The story centers around fifteen-year-old Alison Shaw who doesn't really care that she is not beautiful.  She would rather spend time reading than primping.  Alison's gorgeous mother, Risa, knows that beauty can be a key to success.  When Risa marries a plastic surgeon, she moves the family to Bel Air where they are surrounded by beautiful people.  Her surgeon husband is certain he can turn Alison into a beauty.  But after undergoing several procedures, Alison discovers a picture of her step-father's first wife, and she notices a resemblance.

Come in and find a movie or book to enjoy as you hibernate in the stormy weather.  We will be open until 5:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve and closed on New Year's Day.  The library will be open Friday and Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.