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Nancy's Notes - January 29, 2009

"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" by Jon Boyne, "Your Heart Belongs to Me" by Dean Koontz, "The Quilter's Kitchen" by Jennifer Chiaverini, "The Friday Night Knitting Club" series by Kate Jacobs

Nancy's notes

Every once in a while I like to read young adult or juvenile fiction.  I recently finished, and found of great interest, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas".  A movie of this title was released last fall but it didn't stay in theaters very long.  I hesitate to say that I enjoyed the book, as it is about the Holocaust.  This particular topic has always been of great interest to me.  The story is told through the eyes of eight-year-old Bruno.  His father is selected by Hitler to be the commandant of a concentration camp.  The family is moved from their comfortable Berlin home to a concentration camp in the middle of nowhere.  Bruno is never told that his father is in charge of the camp or why the camp community exists.  Leading a lonely life, Bruno takes off each afternoon to find adventures in the countryside.  He becomes friends with a boy behind the wire fences of the camp.  Although it is a young adult title it reads as an adult book and can be of interest to anyone from middle school and older.

Dean Koontz is a little creepy for me but his newest, "Your Heart Belongs to Me", sounds pretty good. The story centers around Ryan Perry who seems to have the world in his pocket until troubling symptoms appear.  He is diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and the only cure is a heart transplant.  Ryan is about to loose his health, his girlfriend, and his life.  One year later, after a successful transplant, Ryan is feeling better.  Business is good and he hopes to rekindle his relationship with his former girlfriend.  Then unmarked gifts begin to appear that are most disturbing:  a graphic heart surgery video and a message:  Your heart belongs to me.

Jennifer Chiaverini has become well known for her Elm Creek Quilt series.  There are a dozen titles or more in that series.  Our latest edition is "The Quilter's Kitchen".   Anna Del Maso is the new chef at the Elm Creek Quilts retreat.  She is eager to preserve the manor's culinary heritage which dates back to 1858.  However the 1940's era kitchen can't create the food required at the state-of-the-art quilting retreat.   As Anna begins renovations with help from Master quilter Sylvia Berstrom Compson, the quilter reminiscences about the manor's traditions involving food and celebrations. 

Anyone enjoying the Elm Creek series should enjoy a new series we've started:  The Friday Night Knitting Club.  We have purchased two books in the series by Kate Jacobs.  It involves the once a week meeting of an eclectic group of women who come together at a New York City yarn shop and share their life stories.
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