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Nancy's Notes - March 12, 2009

"While my Sister Sleeps" by Barbara Delinsky, "One Day at a Time" by Danielle Steele, "The Second Opinion" by Michael Palmer

I just finished Barbara Delinsky's "While my Sister Sleeps". It was a good read as she's one of my favorite authors. The novel involves sibling rivalry and family tragedy. Robin is a world-class runner preparing for the Olympic trials. Her younger sister Molly and brother Chris have always felt she was the favored child. When they receive a call from the hospital informing them that Robin has been admitted they both believe it to be a sports injury and neither rushes to her aid. Upon arrival to the hospital they find out she has had a massive heart attack with little brain activity so their guilt sets in. As the story unfolds you find a mother who refuses to believe her child cannot survive and who has hidden family secrets. The family will make personal discoveries that will change their beliefs about one another and help them to come to terms with their sisters tragic circumstances.

Last night I started "One Day at a Time" by Danielle Steele.  This is one of her better stories.  It centers around Coco Barrington who was born into a legendary Hollywood family.  Her mother is a bestselling author, sister Jane is a top Hollywood producer, and her deceased father was a well known agent.  Coco, a law school dropout, is the family's black sheep, and works as a dog walker.  When Coco agrees to house-sit for her sister she discovers how much things can change in just a matter of days.  After spending the past two years in mourning for her fiance Coco finds herself thrown together with Jane's houseguest, Leslie Baxter.  Baxter, a famous British actor, is hiding from his psycho ex-girlfriend.  As Coco contemplates a future with the star she begins to heal old wounds between herself and her mother and sister.

I'll move on to something besides romance.  Michael Palmer is back with his thriller, "The Second Opinion".  Dr. Thea Sperelakis has a brilliant medical mind with an ability to recall details.  Her difficulty in dealing with personal conflicts has led her to leave the dynamics of a hospital and work for the poor.  Her father, Petros is one of the most celebrated internal medicine specialists and the founder of Sperelakis Center for Diagnostic medicine.  When Petors is severely injured by a hit-and-run driver, no one thinks he will survive.  Two of Petors's children demand treatment be withheld and Thea is his only advocate.  As thea uncovers the facts surrounding the disaster, it seems more and more to be no accident.

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