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Nancy's Notes - April 30

National Geographic baby mammouth; Read while you walk; Books on casette for sale; "BoneMan's Daughter" by Ted Dekker.

Summer weather is currently here and the garage sales are in full-swing, so it's rather quiet in here today.  You do know that those warm days are great for sitting out in a lawn chair and reading.  If you don't have time for an entire book, remember we have approximately sixty magazine subscriptions.  Three of them are about Iowa.  I also noticed the new copy of "National Geographic" on the shelf.  It includes the article on the frozen baby mammoth that was discussed on the Today Show this morning.  This is an intact mammoth which will be the center of a television special.

I see so many people out walking on these nice days.  They exercise their dogs, children, or themselves.  If you are out there pounding the pavement with no one to talk to, stop and get a book on CD to keep you company.  We have a large selection.  You may also go to and download books to your mp3 player at no charge.  This is free service offered through an agreement with the North Central Regional libraries. All you need is a card from our library to access the database.
We have now withdrawn all of our books on cassette. Very few vehicles have tape players anymore, so we are making room for expansion of our titles on CD and deleting the tapes so we won't have to move them.  If you still have a tape player come in and stock up.  We will give you a bargain price!  We will also finish our transition to DVD before our move so you may want ot watch for a video sale soon.  It makes me feel old that two more media formats are now obsolete in my lifetime.

Our sales rep for inspirational fiction was in last week.  I will be working on adding the titles to our collection in the next week.  They include "BoneMan's Daughter", the latest by Ted Dekker.  It is the story of a serial killer called BoneMan who's abducted six young women.  He's a father looking for the perfect daughter.  When his victims fail to meet his expectations, he kills them by breaking their bones.  Intelligence officer Ryan Evans is estranged from his wife and daughter but when the BoneMan takes Ryan's daughter as his seventh victim he goes after the killer on his own.  The FBI believes new evidence points to Ryan as the BoneMan and suddenly the hunter becomes the hunted.

Come in and see us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.