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Nancy's Notes - May 14, 2009

"The Geometry of Sisters" by Luanne Rice, "Always Looking Up: the Adventures of an Incurable Optimist" by Michael J. Fox, "Miss Julia Delivers the Goods" by Ann B. Ross.

Nancy Notes

We received many new books last week.  I checked out "The Geometry of Sisters" by Luanne Rice.  Maura Shaw returns to Newport to teach English at an elite academy.  She moves there with her son and troubled, younger daughter after her husband drowns in a canoe accident.  The family needs a change of scenery when older daughter, Carrie runs away after surviving the accident that killed her father.  Maura hopes the change will mean a fresh start for family members and give her a chance to reconnect with her estranged sister.  I've been enjoying the book so far, it makes a quick read.

Last night I was watching "20/20" on televsion.  It featured Michael J. Fox reading excerpts from his book, "Always Looking Up: the Adventures of an Incurable Optimist".  I was impressed by his journalistic skills and found the whole program enlightening.  We purchased this book, which should be good, if you are looking for something inspirational.  Fox discusses the past ten years beginning with his retirement from "Spin City" and and his transition from successful actor to an actor with Parkinson's Disease. Parkinson's became his new life when he was happy with the old one.  Instead of building walls around himself, he began an emotional, spiritual journey that served him throughout his struggle with the disease.  His exit from the public eye helped open new doors leading to places he had not planned on going.

Several of our readers ask for something funny to read. One of our recommendatons is the Miss Julia series. She is back again in "Miss Julia Delivers the Goods". Miss Julia frets when Hazel Marie admits she's been feeling porly, and insists they head off to the doctor's office. Hazel Marie has news for Miss Julia that no woman of a certain age who takes in and provides for her dead husband's mistress, even one she's grown fond of, should have to hear. Will Hazel Marie bring more scandal into Miss Julia's life?

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