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Nancy Notes - May 21

Large Print Books: "An Unexpected Family" by Joan Medlicott, "Single Thread" by Author Marie Bostwick, "The Diary" by Eileen Goudge

Nancy's Notes

We have a nice selection of large print books.  They have really gained in popularity in the past few years.  We order around a half dozen new books each month.  I picked three of them for this week's article.

Joan Medlicott is very popular with our readers.  We now have "An Unexpected Family". It centers around Amelia, a widow, who always portrayed her marraiage to Thomas Declose as complete perfection.  Only the tragic loss of their little girl marred their ideal existence.  When Miriam Smith arrives with her daughter Sadie on Amelia's doorstep, claiming to be Thomas's illegitimate daughter, Amelia reacts with fury.  Could Thomas possibly have had a secret life he hid from her.  She wonders if their marriage vows were a lie.

For those of you who enjoyed the "Friday Night Knitting Club" and the Elm Creek Quilt series, we now have "Single Thread".  Author Marie Bostwick weaves the story of four different women whose paths cross in a quilt shop. Evelyn Dixon realizes she has found her new home when she moves from Fort Worth, Texas to New Bern, Connecticut.  After abruptly ending her marriage, Evelyn chases her dream to open a quilt store. Finding a storefront was easy but starting a new life was not until Abigail, Liza, and Margot walk through the door.

Eileen Goudge entertains readers with "The Diary". The story begins when two sisters, seaching in their mother's attic, are given the shock of their lives.  Their mother's diary would turn the image of their parent's happy marriage upside down.  They learn that the love of their mother's life was not their father.  The answer to their questions reside with their mother, Elizabeth, who is mute from a massive stroke.  Will the pages of her diary provide the answers they seek? 

A few weeks ago there was a rather lengthy article in the Des Moines Register about a group of women from Ames and their friendship.  Author Jeffrey Zaslow, coauthor of "The Last Lecture", has written "The Girls from Ames".  The eleven chilhood friends grew up together and graduated from Ames High School in the 1970's. They moved to eight different states yet managed to maintain their friendship that would carry them through college, careers, marriage, motherhood, dating and divorce. The book is a testament to the deep bonds of women and power of friendship to triumph over heartbreak and tragedy.   They demonstrate how close female relationships can shape every aspect of women's lives. 

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