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Nancy's Notes - June 18, 2009

"Madison Avenue Shoot" by Jessica Fletcher, "Lavender Morning" by Jude Deveraux, "Just Take My Heart" by Mary Higgins Clark,

Nancy's Notes

The Jessica Fletcher novels are as popular as the televsion series.  Her latest in her Murder She Wrote series is entitled "Madison Avenue Shoot". Jessica hasn't seen her favorite nephew, Grady, in ages. So when he asks her to visit him in New York City, she's excited for their reunion. Jessica quickly realizes that there's more to Grady's invitation than their family ties. It turns out that Grady is working as an accountant for a production company. Grady has proposed that Jessica star in one of their commercials. Jessica agrees only after much nudging by her agent. However during the shooting one of the despised bigwigs is found murdered on the set. Jessica soon finds herself not just a witness in a murder case, but the only one who can discover the killer.

Jude Deveraux will entertain readers with "Lavender Morning", her newest novel.  Jocelyn Minton's mother grew up attending private schools and afternoon teas, but then she married the local handyman.  After her mother died, when Joce was only five years old, her father remarried into his own class and Joce became an outsider.  She finally meets a kindred soul, Miss Edi, who is sixty years her senior.  When Miss Edi passes away, she leaves Joce all her worldly possesions, including a house and a letter with clues to a mystery that began in 1941.  The letter also mentions the perfect man she has found for Joce.  She must move to Edilean to understand the legacy left to her.  As she begins to dig into Miss Edi's mystery, she soon discovers shocking surprises about her family's history and her own future.

Mystery lovers will be glad to know Mary Higgins Clark has a new book. "Just Take My Heart" centers around Natalie Raines, a Broadway star. When she accidently discovers who killed her former roommate a set of shocking events are set in motion.  While Natalie and her roommate, Jamie Evans, were struggling young actresses, Jamie had been involved with a mysterious married man to whom she referred only by nickname. Natalie comes face to face with him years later and inadvertetly addresses him by the nickname Jamie had used. A few days later, Natalie is found dead in her home.  Police suspect Natalie's soon-to-be-ex-husband.  But no charges are brought against him until two years later when Jimmy Easton, a career criminal comes forward to claim that Aldri had tried to hire him to kill his wife.  The case is a plum assignment for Emily Wallace, an assistant prosecutor.
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