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Nancy's Notes - June 4, 2009

"In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, "Succession Planting for Year-round Pleasure" by Christopher Lloyd, " The Horse Boy" by Rupert Isaacson, "Birds of North America".

Nancy's Notes

This week I'm going to let you know about some of our new nonfiction. The first book is entitled "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. She has written the book to provide advice and support to women who struggle at being stay-at-home moms. Dr. Laura helps readers learn how: to hold their head high and deal with naysayers; to see the benefits of being home not only for their children but also for their marriage; to understand the changes they see in themself; and to realize that the sacrifices they endure now will make for lasting bonds and a stronger family.

Visitors flock to see Christopher Lloyd's plantings at Great Dixter in Sussex, England.  He has now written "Succession Planting for Year-round Pleasure" which reveals the secrets of keeping his borders lively in every season. Planting plans and photographs show the stages in the planting of borders that begin their display early in the year, peak in the
summer, and continue into late autumn. The object of Lloyd's gardens is to keep the show going for as long as possible. He and his gardener maintain their succession gardens with anchor plants and a core of perennials, interwoven with bulbs. Other plants are incidental, offering a feeling of relaxation. The book is illlustrated with hundreds of photographs for your enjoyment.

Rupert Issacson has written " The Horse Boy". When his son, Rowan, was diagnosed
with autism, Rupert, a lifelong horseman, was devastated.  How would he ever be able to communicate with him or share his love of horses.  Then on a walk one day near their home, Rowan dodged beneath a fence and ran under the hooves of a neighbor's horse. Instead of trampling him, the mare dipped her head and stood perfectly still. Rupert saw that his distant son had a real connection with the horse. Rupert began taking Rowan for rides on the family's horse and soon Rowan began to speak and to improve remarkably. Rupert then had an idea: What if there were a place in the world where horses and healing came together. This is a story that shows that even in our darkest moments we can find joy and that healing can come in the most unexpected ways.

It's wonderful to hear and see the birds back in the yard. We recently purchased an unpdated copy of "Birds of North America". The guide is gives a profile and photographs of birds found in the North American region. It gives a portrait of the birds covering evolution, anatomy, life cycle and aspects of behavior. There are over 650 species covered.

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