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Nancy's Notes - July 30, 2009

"Nightwalker" by Heather Graham, "Shelter Me" by Juliette Fay, "Sing Them Home" by Stephanie Kallos, "Brimstone" by Robert Parker

You may have noticed my article was missing last week. I was on vacation, so I hope that absence makes the heart grow fonder and you were hoping my article would be back again. My sisters and I flew to Vegas for three days and had a great time. We did not have as much excitement as Jessy Sparhawk in Heather Graham's "Nightwalker". She learns first hand how gambling in Vegas can ruin people's lives, when one night, desperate for money, she places a bet that will change her life forever. As she's collecting her winnings, a man stumbles through the crowd with a knife protruding from his back. He crashes into her, pining her to the craps table. Hired to investigate the murder, P.I. Dillon Wolf finds himself fascinated by the redhead trapped beneath the victim and by the single word whispered by the dying man-Indigo.

One of our new paperbacks, "Shelter Me", is written by an author who is new to our
library.  Four months after her husband's death, Janie LaMarche remains full of grief and anger. Her mourning is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of a builder with a contract to add a porch onto her house. She soon realizes the porch was meant to be a surprise from her husband, his last gift to her. She clings to her sorrow while mothering her two small children and avoiding friends and family.  Janie's isolation is breached by a cast of unlikely characters.  As the porch takes shape, Janie discovers the future is best navigated with the help of others, even those we least expect to call on or love.

Stephanie Kallos has written, "Sing Them Home", a story set in America's heartland. Readers enter the lives of the Jones siblings, who have lived in unresolved grief since their mother's mysterious disappearance when they were children.  Hope Jones was the physician's wife whose big dreams for their tiny town were lost along with her in the tornado that tore through the town in 1978.  For Hope's three young children, the stability of life with their preoccupied father and their mother's best friend is no match for their mother's absence.  When decades after their mother's disappearance, they are summoned home upon their father's sudden death, all are forced to revisit the childhood tragedy at the center of their lives.

Robert Parker has always been popular with mystery lovers. He has now begun a series set in the Old West. "Brimstone" is the third in the series featuring Everett Hitch and Vigil Cole. Their story in "Appaloosa" left them in the town of Resolution where they had just put things to rights. It's now a year later and Virgil has one thing on his mind, Allie French. The woman stole his heart and then ran off with another man. Virgil is determined to find her with the help of his partner, Everett.  Making their way across New Mexico and Texas, the pair discover Allie in a small-town brothel.  Her spirit crushed she joins Everett and Virgil as they head north to start over in Brimstone.

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