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Nancy's Note - August 27, 2009

"The Sweet By and By"by Todd Johnson, "Return to Sullivans Island" by Dorthea Benton Frank, "Finger Lickin' Fifteen" by Janet Evanovich.

The first two books I have written about this week take place in the South.  The first, "The Sweet By and By", is written by Todd Johnson.  It takes place in eastern North Carolina where the days pass without incident for Margaret Clayton and Bernice Stokes, until they discover each other and form a friendship.  Margaret is smart as a whip and has a will of iron that never fails her even when her body does.  Bernice is an avid county-music fan who is rarely lucid.  They make a formidable pair at the home where they live, breaking the rules and changing the lives of those around them.  Their group of unlikely friends includes Lorraine, their church going nurse who provokes them; her daughter April, who is in medicalschool; and Rhonda, a beer-swilling beautician whose sassy talk hides her vulnerable heart.  Each woman gets to tell her story her own way as all five learn to reconcile troubled pasts, find forgiveness, choose hope, and relish the joy of life.

Dorthea Benton Frank returns with next generation of her Sullivan Island series in "Return to Sullivans Island". The story takes place in the South Carolina Low country. Newly graduated from college and an aspiring writer, Beth Hayes craves independence.  Her notions of travel, graduate study, and writing the great American novel will have to be postponed.  Beth is elected by her elders to house-sit on the Island.  Surrounded by the blue waters of the Atlantic and its clapboard houses she remembers the stories told of past generations of Hamiltons.  Moved by sentimental memories of growing up on the sand bar that seems untouched by time, Beth vows to give herself over to the Lowcountry force and discover the wisdom it holds.  Just as she vows she will never give into the delusional world of white picket fences and minivans, she meets Max Mitchell and all her convictions begin to unravel.

Janet Evanovich is popular with mystery readers as well as those who like something lighthearted.  Her newest in the Stephanie Plum series is entitled, "Finger Lickin' Fifteen".  When celebrity chef, Stanley Chipolte, comes to Trenton to participate in a barbecue cook-off, he loses his head-literally.  Bail bonds office worker, Lula, is witness to the crime and will only discuss it with Trenton cop Joe Morelli. Chipotle's sponsor is offering a million-dollar reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the capture of the killers.  Lula recruits bounty hunter Stephanie Plum to help her find the killers and collect the money.

We are tentatively looking to close around September 8 and remain closed until around September 18.  This is not yet set in stone, but you may want to make sure to visit the library the first week of September to find materials to read during that period.  We are open Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.