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Nancy's Notes - Oct. 15, 2009

Newspapers, Web Page, Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards, Don't Die Broke by Reindelk David

Nancy’s notes


            Well, we’re on week two at the new library. Our patronage is still phenomenal. Our quieter times are until school is out and as people are on their way home from work. If you want a quiet place to relax and read you may want to stop earlier in the day. Remember we have all the county papers as well as Kanawha, Mason City, Fort Dodge, and Des Moines. There are also around 65 magazine subscriptions with a little something for everyone.

            Becky Ahrendsen has designed our page. The address is Once you get to that site click on the word blog and she has downloaded many pictures of our building project and our open house. They’re fun to look through.

            One biography that has been quite popular is “Resilience” by Elizabeth Edwards. On the surface she has led a charmed life. She has a beautiful family, thriving career, and supportive friends. However Edwards is no stranger to adversity. Her son was killed in car accident at sixteen-years-old and she was faced with embarrassment when her husband’s infidelities became public. Elizabeth showed grace when she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the presidential election of 2004. She faced rounds of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation only to have the cancer return in 2007. The book is a meditation on dealing with life’s biggest challenges.

            David J. Reindel has written, “Don’t Die Broke”, to help you understand what to do with your retirement dollars. He explains how annuities can guarantee your income and keep your retirement from going belly-up. Reindel tells readers how they can plan for a safe retirement using clear language that focuses on the needs of people whose retirement is rapidly approaching.

            Stop in and see us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or  Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.