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Nancy's Notes - November 26, 2009

"On the Line" by Serena Williams, "South of Broad" by Pat Conroy, "The Spire" by Richard North Patterson, "The Power of No" by Beth Warham.

     Serena Williams is one of the most decorated players in the history of women's tennis and the top-earning female athlete of all time.  We have purchased her new biography entitled, "On the Line".  As a young girl, Serena began training with an adult-size racquet that was almost as big as she was.  Serena saw it as a challenge to overcome and has confronted every obstacle along her path in the same manner.  She tells of growing up in a tough California neighborhood with her father as her trainer. They practiced on public tennis courts littered with broken glass and drug paraphernalia. Now the top player in women's tennis, Serena has proven to be an inspiration to her fans.

Pat Conroy's, "South of Broad" is set in Charleston, South Carolina.  It centers around Leopold Bloom King.  He is the son of a loving father who teaches high school and his mother is an ex-nun who is now the high school principal.  After Leo's older brother commits suicide at the age of ten, the family struggles with the effects of his death. Leo feels lonely and isolated and searches for something to sustain him.  Eventually, he finds his answer when he becomes part of a tightly knit group of high school seniors.  The ties among them endure for years, surviving marriages, both happy and troubled; unrequited loves; and hard-won successes and devastating breakdowns.

Richard North Patterson has written the suspense novel, "The Spire".  Mark Darrow grew up with no advantages beyond his intelligence and athletic ability.  Thanks to the intervention of Lionel Farr, a professor at Caldwell College, Darrow became an excellent student and later a superb trial lawyer.  Now Farr asks Darrow to consider becoming the college's new president.  Darrow accepts, but is haunted by a night sixteen years earlier when he discovered the body of a black female student at the base of the Spire, the campus bell tower.  His best friend, Steve Tillman, was charged with Angela's murder and sent to prison for life. Now, even as Darrow undertakes his new duties, he discovers that the case against his friend left crucial questions unanswered.

If you feel that you are taken advantage of, or get in involved in situations that you never intended to be a part of, we have the book for you.  Beth Warham has written "The Power of No". She has written the book to help the reader manage what they don't want and to get what they do.

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