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Nancy's Notes - January 27, 2010

"Going Rogue" by Sarah Palin, "Ciao Bella" by Gina Buonaguro, "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown.

I hate to keep writing this every week, but this is Iowa . If there is bad weather make sure you call before making a trip to the library as we may close early or have different hours.

There has been a lot of talk about "Going Rogue" by Sarah Palin. On September 3, 2008, Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention that electrified the nation and instantly made her one of the most recognizable women in the world. In her book, Palin paints a portrait of growing up in the wilds of Alaska, meeting her husband, her decision to enter politics, the importance of faith and family, and the trials of life as a working mother.

If you like historical fiction you might enjoy "Ciao Bella" by Gina Buonaguro. Graziella lived a quiet life in Venice with her musician husband, Ugo. When Italy allied itself with Nazi Germany in 1940, her world changed forever. Ugo joined the resistance while Graziella was forced to seek refuge at his family's farm, "just until the war is over", her husband promised. That was months ago and no one has seen him.  So when an American soldier named Frank is stranded on the mountain, Graziella embraces the chance to be happy again.

Sandra Brown's newest novel is entitled, "Rainwater".  The story begins in 1934 in the stronghold of the depression.  Ella Barron runs a Texas boardinghouse.  Between chores of cooking and cleaning for her residents, she cares for her ten-year-old son, Solly.  Ella finds herself on the receiving end of pity and suspicion.  When David Rainwater arrives at the house he brings unsettling changes to Ella. But times are hard and Ella's house must remain fully occupied, so Mr. Rainwater moves in and impacts Ella's life in ways she could not have foreseen.

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