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Nancy's Notes - February 10, 2010

"A Fatal Feast" by Jessica Fletcher, "The Neighbor" by Lisa Gardener, "The Monster in the Box" by Ruth Rendell, "Traveling with Pomegranates" by Sue Monk Kidd.

Good reading weather, wouldn't you agree?  We also have many DVD's available for check-out.  When the weather is crummy these are good items to keep you busy.

The first book on my list this week is "A Fatal Feast", one of the Jessica Fletcher books. Jessica is suffering from a case of writer's block, and the deadline for her new novel is quickly approaching.  She seems to be spending more time on the Thanksgiving pageant instead of laboring away at the computer.  Jessica enjoys the holiday activities until she and one of her guests take a stroll and find the body of a man with a carving knife stuck in his chest.

Lisa Gardener's new novel is entitled, "The Neighbor".  The story is about a young mother who disappears without a trace from her Boston home, leaving her four-year-old daughter and her husband behind.  The only witness is her handsome husband. When Detective Sergeant D.D. Warren arrives at the Jones' home she senses something is off about the picture the wholesome couple painted.  On the surface, Jason and Sandra Jones led the perfect life but under the surface things were much murkier.

Ruth Rendell brings Inspector Wexford back in "The Monster in the Box".  The story begins when Wexford was just a young policeman investigating his first murder case, a woman strangled in her bedroom.  When Wexford notices a short man, Eric Targo, walking a dog outside the home, he suspects he is the killer.  Over the years there are more unsolved murders in town and Wexford continues to suspect Targo is behind them.

Sue Monk Kidd's, "Traveling with Pomegranates", is a dual memoir of her and her daughter, Ann.  It describes the adventures of the fifty-something and twenty-something couple who are on a quest to redefine and rediscover each other.  Between 1998 and 2000, Sue and Ann travel together throughout Greece and France while Sue is trying to reconnect to the daughter who, as a recent college graduate, is grappling with depression.

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