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Nancy's Notes - May 6, 2010

Beverly Lewis is a favorite author of our patrons who enjoy inspirational fiction. We recently purchased two new volumes, "Summer Hill Secrets " and "Summer Hill Secrets 2". Each book includes five different adventures of Merry Hanson. Merry, is a modern fifteen-year-old living in the Pennsylvania's Amish country. 

We also purchased "The Adams County Trilogy" by Beverly Lewis. The first in the series is, "The Telling", the story of Rebecca Keim. She has just proclaimed her love to John Miller and agreed to become his wife. However, she is haunted by a long-ago love. Is that memory just a fantasy or was it real. When Rebecca's mother sends her back to her home town, Rebecca is determined to find the answer. 

Book two is entitled, "Rebecca's Return". Rebecca returns to Wheat Ridge to make her relationship with John Miller work. But in her absence, John has become suspicious of Rebecca. Does she love someone else? 

The third book is, "Rebecca's Choice". Newly engaged Rebecca and John are looking forward to a future together in their Amish community. While Rebecca is away attending her teacher's funeral, John receives a mysterious note accusing her of scheming to marry for money. When Rebecca is named as the sole heir to her teacher's three farms, there is one condition, she must marry an Amish man. John and Rebecca must now convince the community that they are marrying for true love not the money. 

Laurine Snelling is another favorite of our inspirational readers. She also has two new books. The first is entitled, "A Measure of Mercy" where eighteen-year-old Astrid Bjorklund has been studying medicine under Dr. Elizabeth Bjorlund's direction. She dreams of joining the practice until a missionary comes to town and tells of the need for medical ministry in Africa. Joshua Landsverk left town two years ago. Upon his return he seeks to court Astrid. When the opportunity opens for Astrid to go to Chicago for further training, she finds it difficult to leave Joshua even though they agree to correspond. After receiving only one letter from him, Astrid believes Joshua no longer loves her so she makes an impetuous decision. 

The second book in this series is entitled,"No distance too Far". Astrid believes God is leading her in the direction of becoming a missionary in a remote outpost in Africa. When she is called home to help in a family medical crisis a door of opportunity opens for her. She then wonders if God's plans for her to serve in the mission field are not exactly what she had planned. 
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