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Nancy's Notes - August 26, 2010

"Never Look Away" by Linwood Barclay, "Nashville Noir" by Jessica Fletcher, "The Man From Beijing" by Henning Mankell.

Linwood Barclay is one of our newer authors. He is really gaining in popularity as we add his novels to the collection. His newest thriller is "Never Look Away". David Harwood is a small-town reporter looking for a break. His paper is struggling to survive. Then he gets a lead on a potential scandal involving a controversial development project on the outskirts of town. It's a hot issue that should sell papers, so why does his editor keep shooting it down. That question is on the top of David's list until the inexplicable disappearance of a family member takes precedence. His frantic search only leads to a more shocking turn of events.

Jessica Fletcher's Murder She Wrote novels are as popular as the television series was. Jessica is back in "Nashville Noir". The story begins in Fletcher's hometown of Cabot Cove. When a young woman in the community shows promise as a country-and-western singer and songwriter, Jessica and a committee of local citizens send Cyndi Gabriel, a talented teen, on a scholarship trip to Nashville to benefit from professional instruction. A few weeks later Cabot Cove is shocked to hear of the cold-blooded murder of a music publisher and Cyndi is accused of the murder. Cyndi's mother begs Jessica to help her daughter, and soon Jessical is traveling to Nashville to aid the starlet.

Henning Mankell has written a global thriller, "The Man From Beijing". It begins on January 2006 in the Swedish hamlet of Hesjovallen. Nineteen people have been massacred. The only clue is a red ribbon found at the scene. Judge Birgitta Roslin has particular reason to be shocked, her grandparens, the Andrens, are among the victims. Brigitta also learns that an Andren family in Nevada has been murdered. She then discovers the nineteenth-century diary of an Andren ancestor, a gang master on the American transcontinental railway. It describes the brutal treatment of Chinese slave workers. The police insist that only a lunatic could have committed the Hesjovallen murders, but Birgitta is determined to uncover what she now suspects is a more complicated truth.

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