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Nancy's Notes - September 23, 2010

“Betrayed” by Robert Tanenbaum, “The Cookbook Collector” by Allegra Goodman, “The Quickening” by Michelle Hoover.

Author Robert Tanenbaum is a trial lawyer and legal expert who has taught Advanced Criminal Procedure at Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley. His newest book is entitled, “Betrayed”. Awaiting trial in the Tombs, Manhattan’s criminal detention complex, is Sharif Jabbar, founder of a Harlem mosque. Charges against his terrorist attack on the city were dismissed once, and now that the Islam convert is being held on new allegations, New York District Attorney Roger “Butch” Karp is determined to bring him down. Attorney Megan O’Dowd, a radical activist, is going to the mat with the conviction that Jabbar is being railroaded by the NYPD.

Allegra Goodman has written, “The Cookbook Collector”, a book about holding on to what is real. Emily and Jessamine Bach are opposites, twenty-eight-year old Emily is the CEO of Veritech, twenty-three-year old Jess is an environmental activist and student of philosophy. Emily is making a fortune in the Silicon Valley while Jess works in an antiquarian bookstore. Emily is rational and driven while Jess is dreamy and whimsical. The book is about getting and spending and about the substitutions we make when we can’t find what we’re looking for. All the reviews on this title have been quite good so let me know what you think.

Edina Current and Mary Morrow are at the center of, “The Quickening”, by Michelle Hoover. The two women live on neighboring farms in the upper Midwest during the early 1900’s. Eddie has never wanted more than the land she works and the animals she raises with her husband. For Mary, farming is an awkward living and it is at odds with her cosmopolitan inclinations. Still Mary creates an orderly home life for her husband and sons and learns to adapt to the isolation. She is the first to befriend Eddie. Despite having little in common, Eddie and Mary need one another for survival and companionship. But the Great Depression threatens their relationship and pits neighbor against neighbor and also threatens to unravel their friendship.

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