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Nancy's Notes - October 14, 2010

“The Island” by Elin Hilderbrand, “Whiter than Snow” by Sandra Dallas, “Private” by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro,

 My first author today, Elin Hilderbrand, attended the Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa. Her latest title is, “The Island”. We also have her other previous three titles in our collection. Birdie Cousins has thrown herself into the details of her daughter Chess’s lavish wedding. Birdie who prides herself on preparing for every possibility, could not have predicted the late-night phone call from Chess announcing that she’s canceled her engagement. This is only the first of many upheavals over the summer. Birdie, her two daughters, and her sister decide to escape to Tuckernuck Island where there are no phones, no television, no grocery store, a place they can escape their troubles.

 Sandra Dallas brings lovers of inspirational fiction, “Whiter than Snow”. The story begins on a Spring afternoon in 1920. Swandyke, a small town in Colorado is changed forever when a large split of snow separates from Jublilee Mountain high above the tiny village and hurtles down the rocky slope. Readers will meet the residents whose lives the tragedy touches. Fate, chance, and divine providence collide in the everyday lives of these people. They will learn that ultimately, no one is without sin, no one’s soul is whiter than snow, and no one is without the need for forgiveness.

 James Patterson is using several writers to co-author his books. Maxine Paetro has worked with Patterson on eight books, the latest is, “Private”. Former Marine helicopter pilot Jack Morgan runs Private, an investigation company with branches around the globe. Secrets of the most influential men and women on the planet come to Jack daily and his staff use the world’s most advanced forensic tools to break their cases. Jack is already deep into the investigation of a gambling scandal and the slayings of thirteen schoolgirls when he learns of the murder of his best friend’s wife. When it nearly pushes him over the edge he decides to devote all of Private’s resources to tracking down her killer. Jack doesn’t play by the rules, as he closes in on the killer he must choose between revenge and justice.

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