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Nancy's notes - December 16, 2010

Story time with Santa, New Books being ordered, “Cross Fire” by James Patterson, “61 Hours”, by Lee Child, “Dead or Alive" by Tom Clacy

The library will celebrate the holiday season on Tuesday evening, December 21. They will host a special storytime activity with Santa. Children are invited to wear their p.j.’s and show up anytime between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. They will enjoy a bedtime story, snack, and a couple of craft activities. Santa will show up around 6:30. Bring your cameras and have the kids make a list to present to our visitor.

We have finally ordered some new books. Because we couldn’t enter new materials during the last month our ordering was at a stand-still. Now that our new system is in place we will be ordering regularly.

I have three new suspense novels for our readers. James Patterson is back with yet another Alex Cross novel. It is entitled “Cross Fire”. Detective Alex Cross and Bree Stone must put their wedding plans on hold when Alex is called to the scene of the assassination of two Washington DC’s most corrupt. One victim is a Congressman and the other a lobbyist. Soon the gunman begins picking off other crooked insiders, is he a hero or a vigilante? Agent Max Siegel is assigned to the investigation, soon he and Cross battle over Jurisdiction. When the murders continue it becomes clear it is the work of a professional with knowledge only a Washington insider could know.

Lee Child’s novel, “61 Hours”, is the newest in his Reacher series. Reacher finds himself in Bolton, South Dakota when the tour on which he has bummed a ride skids off the road and crashes. The town has big problems, a Mexican drug cartel has begun operating outside town in an abandoned facility. When the local cops find out Reacher is great with weapons and capable of tapping military intelligence, they enlist his help. Reacher’s original plan was to keep on moving but the next 61 hours will change everything.

Suspense writer Tom Clancy is back with, “Dead or Alive”. An organization called the Campus was secretly created under the administration of President Jack Ryan. Its purpose is to hunt down and eliminate terrorists and those who protect them. The group has no official connection to the American government. Intelleigence expert Jack Ryan joins his compatriots at the Campus to fight a killer known as the Emir. The Emir has eluded every law enforcement agency in the world now the Campus must capture him, “dead of alive”, before he destroys the heart of America.

Come in and see us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 and 5:00.