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Nancy's Notes - January 6, 2011

“I Still Dream About You” by Fannie Flagg, “The Confession” by John Grishman, “Promise Me” by Richard Paul Evans,

The holidays are over. After all the running, I’m thinking that staying home a few nights with a book sounds good. We have several that should be of interest. So stop in on your home from work and then curl up under a blanket and tune out the cold weather.

Fannie Flagg is known for the humor in her books. Her latest, “I Still Dream About You”, is no exception. The story takes place in Birmingham, Alabama where you meet Maggie Fortenberry, a former Miss Alabama. Her life seems perfect as a successful real estate agent at the Red Mountain Realty. Maggie can’t help but wonder how she wound up in her present condition. Her childhood dream of living in one of the elegant homes on Red Mountain, with a husband and 2.5 children, never materializes. Maggie graduated at the top of her class at charm school and can fold a napkin in forty-eight different ways or enter and exit a car gracefully, but that can’t help her now. Since the real estate dynamo Hazel Whisenknott, founder of Red Mountain Realty, died five years ago business has gone from bad to worse. Just when things seem completely hopeless, Maggie comes up with the perfect plan to solve it all.

John Grishman’s most recent novel is, “The Confession”. The year is 1998 in the East Texas town of Sloane. Travis Boyette abducted, raped, and strangled a popular high school cheerleader. He buried her body and watched as police and prosecutors arrested and convicted Donte Drumm, a local football star, and marched him off to death row. Nine years later, Travis is paroled in Kansas for a different crime and Donte is four days away from his execution. Travis suffers from an inoperable brain tumor and for the first time in his life he decides to do what’s right and confess. Now he must convince the lawyers, judges and politicians that they’re about to execute an innocent man.

Richard Paul Evans has always been popular with readers who enjoy sentimental books. His newest, “Promise Me” begins in 2008 when Beth Cardall reveals a secret.   Eighteen years ago, her daughter was suffering from an unidentifiable illness, her marriage was falling apart and her job was at risk. She lost confidence in herself. On Christmas Day she rushed through a blizzard to a convenience store where she met a mysterious stranger who would change her life.

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