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Nancy's Notes - March 31, 2011

“The Last Coyote”, “Trunk Music”, and “Angels Flight", (Vol. 1) “Black Ice” and “The Concrete Blonde”(Vol. 2) by Michael Connelly,

 We were closed last Friday for a training day. The staff went to Mason City to take continuing ed. classes in genealogy. It may be inconvenient to have us lock the doors for a day, but hopefully we’ll be able to serve you better when filling requests about genealogy research.
    Becky and I just finished our second session of computer classes. Approximately 18 people attended one session or another. I think most of them picked up at least one new piece of knowledge. If there are some of you who are still interested in basic computer information, let us know and we may teach another session at a later date.
    Michael Connelly is well known for his Harry Bosch stories. Now we have purchased volumes one and two of a collection of five of his stories. Volume I. Contains “The Last Coyote”, where Bosch is suspended from the force for attacking his commanding officer; “Trunk Music”, where Bosch returns to investigate the murder of a movie producer with mafia ties; and “Angels Flight”, the tale of the murder of a prominent attorney who made his career suing the police landing Bosche’s friends on his list.
    Volume II. in the Bosch tales includes, “Black Ice” and “The Concrete Blonde”. The former begins when a corpse is discovered in a hotel room. It is the body of a missing LAPD narcotics officer who had crossed over, selling a new drug called Black Ice. In the second story Bosch has shot and killed Norman Church, the police are convinced it marked the end of the hunt for the Dollmaker, L.A. ‘s most bizarre serial killer. Church’s widow is accusing Harry of killing the wrong man, a charge that seems true when a victim is discovered with the Dollmaker’s signature.
    Come in and see us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.