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Nancy's Notes - April 21, 2011

“Bringing Adam Home” by Reve Walsh, “A Wedding Quilt for Ella” by Jerry Eicher.

    On a sunny July morning in 1981, Reve Walsh and her six-Year-old son, Adam stopped by Sears to pick up some lamps. Adam begged to play video games while she shopped. When she returned to the video display, Adam was gone. His disappearance and murder radically altered American innocence and our ideas about childhood and a time when parents allowed their children to run free. Our newest biography, “Bringing Adam Home”, tells readers how Reve and John Walsh would go on to create the show America’s Most Wanted. They also went on to transform law enforcement’s response to handling missing children cases. With prompting from the Walshes, Congress passed the Missing Children Act in 1982 and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was founded in 1984.  The book informs readers that after twenty-seven years a Miami Beach homicide detective finally identified Adam’s killer.
    Inspirational readers will enjoy, “A Wedding Quilt for Ella”. Ella yearns for her wedding day to Aden Wengerd and building their dream home. But when Aden is tragically taken from her, Ella begins to doubt God’s love. Clara, Ella’s younger sister, has drawn Ella’s dream house and Ella now decides to use the drawing as the centerpiece for her wedding quilt, even though there will be no wedding. When her family pressures her to marry the new bishop, Ella asks for six months to heal. Meanwhile, Aden’s brother, Daniel, helps Ella build her beloved dream house from monies Aden had set aside for their new home.
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