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Nancy's Notes - September 11, 2011

“Happy Birthday”by Danielle Steel, “Bossy Pants” by Tina Fey, “Hotwire” by Alex Kava.
 Danielle Steel is always popular with our readers. Her latest, “Happy Birthday”, revolves around the landmark birthday of three people. Valerie Wyatt is known for her gracious living and has a successful television show. However all her hours with her personal trainer, the best hairdressers in New York City, and plastic surgery can’t cover up the fact that she’s turning sixty. Her daughter April has no love life or prospects of changing that fact in the future. The owner and chef of a popular New York restaurant, she has no time or energy for anything but her career. Her life is about to change when she hits thirty and discovers she has nothing to show for it, no man or kids. Jack Adams is a former NFL player who is now a charismatic sports analyst on TV. He still has his pick of twentysomething women, but after a night of partying he wakes up on his  birthday with his back out and feeling his all of his fifty years. Beginning on one birthday and ending on the next, all three discover that life itself can be a celebration.
    Comedian Tina Fey has a new biography entitled, “Bossy Pants”. Famous for her run on Saturday Night Live, Fey believes you’re no one until someone calls you bossy. Her story begins in her youth when she was a nerd and follows her life through Saturday Night Live, her college experiences, becoming a mother, and her halfhearted pursuit of beauty. 
    Alex Kava’s, “Hotwire”, is the latest of her Maggie O’Dell novels. It begins on a fall evening in western Nebraska. A group of kids are filming their drug-induced party which ends with an explosion, leaving the victims electrocuted with odd scorch marks as the only evidence. Maggie tries to make sense of the different stories, sifting through what is real and what is hallucination. She soon realizes that the surviving teens are being targeted and eliminated. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, Army Colonel Benjamin Platt is at the scene of a deadly outbreak that has infected children at a Washington, D.C., elementary school. Despite the miles that separate them, the two cases collide.
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