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Nancy's Notes - September 8, 2011

“The First Dance” by Richard Wheeler, “Long Ride Home” by Will Allison
We have several patrons who enjoy reading westerns. It seems the majority of novels in the past few years have been mysteries, so it’s nice to see a few more of the western genre coming out. Richard Wheeler, an author of the American West, has just written, “The First Dance”. Mountain man Barnaby Skye’s family is third generation to North America. The story begins in Miles City, Montana in 1885 with Barnaby’s mixed-blood son, Kirk. He has just married a Metis Indian girl, Therese. But Dirk’s position as a translator for the U.S. Army threatens to shatter their union. The Montana ranchers, tired of livestock theft persuade the army to send the Metis people back to Canada. The military enlists Dirk to translate between the two sides. Unable to forgive Dirk for his role in the relocation of her people, Therese flees on their wedding night. Therese is then inspired to build a church that will be a gathering place for her people and a symbol of their resistance to deportation.
    Will Allison has written, “Long Ride Home”, which explores the conscience of a hit and run driver. Life changes for Glen Bauer with a jerk of his steering wheel that was intended to scare a reckless driver. But the reckless driver is killed, and Glen’s suburban existence begins to unravel. When Glen realizes no one else saw the accident, he lies to police about what happened, even to his daughter who was in the back seat at the time. But a detective believes the daughter may have seen more than she knows. When Glen tries to prevent the detective from questioning Sara, he finds himself in a high-stakes game that could end in a lawsuit or prison.
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