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Nancy's Notes- December 29, 2011

“Proof of Heaven” by Mary Curran Hackett, “A Perilous Conception” by Larry Karp, “The Forgotten Affairs of Youth” by Alexander McCall Smith.

  We hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend. The staff enjoyed the time they shared with their families during the holiday. We will also be closed on Saturday, December 31 and Monday January 2. Make sure to stock up on reading material accordingly.
    My first book this week is, “Proof of Heaven”, by Mary Curran Hackett. Young Colm already recognizes the truth, that he’s sick and not getting better. His mother, Cathleen believes her faith will protect her ailing son, but Colm is not so sure. Colm has come to terms with his probable fate, but he has one special wish. He wants to meet his father who abandoned his mother before Colm was born. The search to find the boy’s missing parent becomes an emotional discovery, a test of belief and a search for proof of heaven.
    Larry Karp’s, “A Perilous Conception”, begins in 1976. Dr. Colin Sanford, an ambitious obstetrician, resolves to become the first to produce a baby by in-vitro fertilization. Although there is controversy raging over the ethics of artificially-assisted human reproduction, Sanford recruits Dr. Giselle Hearn a laboratory geneticist embryologist who is frustrated with the conservative department chair at her University. Drs. Sanford and Hearn work secretly with the goal of putting their names in the history books.
    The latest installment of Alexander McCall Smith’s Isabel Dahlhousie series is entitled, “The Forgotten Affairs of Youth”. Isabel helps a new friend discover the identity of her father. Adopted at birth, Jane is trying to find her biological father, but all she knows about him is that he was a student in Edinburgh years ago. When she asks for Isabel’s help Isabelle is quick to oblige.
    Come in and see us: Monday through Wednesday between noon and 8:00 p.m. or Thursday through Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.