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Nancy's Notes - January 18, 2012

“Vigilante” by Stephen J. Cannell, “V is for Vengence” by Sue Grafton, “Kill Alex Cross” by James Patteron.
  If you need a little excitement in your life during these gloomy winter days, try Stephen J. Cannell’s latest thriller, “Vigilante”. LAPD detective Shane Scully and his partner, Sumner Hitchens, investigate a crime with ties to reality television when Lita Mendea is found dead in her home. Outside the crime scene, Nixon Nah, the host of a hit reality show called Vigilante TV , has set up shop with his television crew. Nash’s show is dedicated to beating the cops in solving murders. Now he has the murder of Mendez in his sights and he threatens the detectives, join his team or prepare for a public takedown. Scully suspects that Nash isn’t the hero he seems. If a detective got in his way, how far would the TV host go for self-promotion?
    Sue Grafton’s, “V is for Vengence”, is the most recent in her alphabet murder series. Kinsey Millhone is back again and nursing a broken nose she received by sticking it in someone else’s business. The private detective was shopping in a department store where she spotted a pair of women shoplifting. The former cop wasn’t going to let them get away with it. She reported them to store security. One woman was arrested and the other got away. Kinsey is shocked when the woman who was arrested later turns up dead, the victim of an apparent suicide. Millhone is caught up in the drama when the dead woman’s fiancé shows up and asks her to investigate, believing there is no way the woman he knew would have shoplifted or killed herself.
    You may have seen the TV ads at Christmas for James Patteron’s “Kill Alex Cross”. The president’s son and daughter have been abducted from their school. Alex does everything he can but is forced to the edges of the investigation. The chances of finding the children alive diminishes with each hour that passes. In a private meeting, the First Lady pleads with Alex to save her kids. Even with the highest security clearance, Alex is unable to get any closer to the kidnapper. He must make a desperate decision that goes against all he believes.
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