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Nancy's Notes - March 15, 2012

"The House I Loved" and "A Secret Kept" by Tatiana De Rosnay, Home Front by Kristin Hannah

We have just finished processing a very large book order and we have a number of new books.  We believe there is surely something for everyone!


Tatiana De Rosnay is the author of ten novels, including Sarah’s Key which was on the New York Times best selling list.  We have two new selections by De Rosnay.  In The House I Loved, De Rosnay takes us back to the 1860’s and to Paris, France.  The book is a powerful story of one woman’s indelible strength.  When hundreds of houses are being destroyed, threatening to alter the face of old Paris by molding it into a “modern city,” Rose Bazelet fights back against the destruction of her family home.  She stakes her claim in the basement of the old house on rue Childebert.  As she waits, she passes the time by writing letters to her beloved late husband, Armand.  It is through these letters; Rose is forced to come to terms with a secret that has been buried deep in her heart for thirty years. 


The second De Rosnay selection is A Secret Kept.  The story begins as Atoine Rey surprises his sister, Melanie, with a weekend at their childhood vacation spot, Noirmoutier Island.  The island’s haunting beauty, however, brings back disturbing memories for Melanie and she reveals them to her brother on their drive home. Her emotions overcome her, though, and she loses control of the car.  Antoin, then, finds himself trapped in a family secret of taboo and is forced to confront his past, shocking truths, as well as his troubled relationships with his own children.  A Secret Kept is the story of a modern family and the invisible ties that bind.


Kristin Hannah’s new novel, Home Front, is the story of a marriage, the pressures of family responsibilities, and the cost of war.  Michael and Jolene Zarkades are in a troubled marriage of 12 years when Jolene is deployed and sent deep into harm’s way.  Michael, a defense attorney, must manage at home as a single parent to two daughters.  As a mother, Jolene is agonized to leave her children, but she understands the duty of a soldier.  War, though, will change Jolene in ways no one could foresee.  When tragedy strikes, Michael must face his darkest fear and fight a battle of his own for all that matters to his family.  Hannah writes of a modern marriage and the toll war takes on a family.


Stop by and see all of our new books.  We are open Monday thru Wednesday, noon to 8:00 and Thursday thru Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00