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Meeting Rooms

Available for public use are:

- a large room 48x25 feet that can seat 110, 90 if tables are used;  Tables: 2 styles:

     round - 5 foot diameter

     rectangular - 84 x30 inches

     Projector and built in large screen are available, with DVD connection.  

     Large TV 

     Refrigerator, Stove and sink are available for use.

- a small room 28 x 18 feet that is suitable for small gatherings.

      Large TV and DVD connection.

      Sink and small coffee maker available.

Reservations must be arranged with a librarian prior to use and are subject to availability.

Rental requires a clean room $50 refundable deposit.  Personal use, and for profit use, rental fee is $30 for the large room, and $20 for the small room.   Non-profit organization use is $15 for Large room, $10 for small room.

We ask that the room be left as it was found before the meeting.  No alcohol on the premises.  See meeting room policies for more information.

For details, see Meeting Room Rental Agreement.