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Room Rental Agreement as of 2013

Fees, Keys, Responsibilities.




Rental fees:     

1.   Large community room - includes:

stove & refrigerator

projector that connects to DVD or computer  

built in large screen, 

black out windows, 

 large TV connected to cable.    $30.00

 2.   Smaller community room (semi-private)   has a large screen TV connected to cable and dvd.                                                                  $20.00

3.    Non-profit organizations    ---   Large room - $15 and Small room - $10

The fee is due when the key is picked up.



Please pick up key during the library’s open hours, within 24 hours of the rental date.  Special key arrangements require a reminder call to the staff, 24 hours prior to event.                             


Library hours - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 12-8:00 pm;

                       Thursday & Friday 10 a.m. - 5:00 pm, Saturday - 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Closed holidays.           Phone #515-532-3673


The key will open the front door and the reserved community room.                                                                    

A separate key is required to use the stove in the large room.



            Vacuum floor where needed (located in the unlocked storage room).

            With a damp cloth, clean tables and chairs that were used.

            Clean the sink, countertops and stove if used.

            Wash and return the library’s coffee pots and small appliances if used.


When leaving:

            Turn off lights in room and at entry level, (outdoor globes remain on).

            Drop key into the drop box slot, just north of the front entrance.

            Empty trash into the “Trash Man” bin outside the building.

            Cardboard must be broken down flat and placed in cardboard bin next to trash bin.


Any cups, napkins, coffee and other supplies in the cabinets are property of the library.


It is the responsibility of the party renting the facility to set up as needed and to return the room as they found it.  Renters will reimburse the library for any damages incurred during the rental period.


Not responsible for items that have been left in the community rooms.


For privacy, you may want to share with your guests that voices in hallway carry throughout the building. 


No tobacco, alcohol, firearms or controlled substances allowed.