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Meeting Room Policy

Rules for using the meeting rooms.


We have 2 meeting rooms.  They are available to any group, association or individual which will not interfere with the library’s principle functions.


There is an after hour rental charge of $20 or $30 for the use of a meeting room.  Advance reservations should be made along with arrangements to get a key by calling 515-532-3673.  Non-profit organizations pay $15 for the large room and $10 for the small room.


Library and library related programs have priority over non-library programs.   


Meeting room Regulations


Food may be served in the meeting room with the provision that the room is returned to its original condition.


The individual or group using the room must assume responsibility for the proper use of the facility and payment for any damage.  In addition, any damage may prevent the individual or group from using the room in the future.


A responsible adult must be present at all times during the reserved use of the meeting room.


Smoking is not allowed.  No controlled substances may be consumed on the premises.


Use of the meeting room does not imply library endorsement of ideas, aim or goals of organizations which use the facility.

See Rental agreement.