Meeting Rooms

Due to COVID-19 the meeting rooms are unavilable until further notice.

Large room rental fee is $30.   Non-profit/501c3 rental is half price.

- a large room 48x25 feet that can seat 110, 90 if tables are used;  Tables: 2 styles:

     round - 5 foot diameter

     rectangular - 84 x30 inches

     Projector and built in large screen are available, with Blu-ray connection.  

     Large TV 

     Refrigerator, stove and sink are available for use.

Small room rental fee is $20 and is available ourside of regular library hours.

- a small room 20 person maximum occupancy and available outside regular library hours.

      Large TV and DVD connection.

Reservations must be arranged with a librarian prior to use and are subject to availability.

Rental requires a $50 refundable deposit.

No alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or controlled substances on the premises.