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Nancy's Notes - September 20, 2012

“Where We Belong” by Emily Giffin, “The Story of Us” by Deb Caletti, “Hannah’s Joy” by Marta Perry.

It gets dark early enough each evening to leave plenty of time for reading. You might enjoy any of this weeks fiction. Novelist Emily Giffin will entertain you with, “Where We Belong”. Marian Caldwell is a thirty-six-year old television producer living in New York City. With a fulfilling career and the perfect relationship her life is right where she wants it to be. But one night Marian answers a knock on her door. Standing there is eighteen-year-old Kirby Rose. She holds a key to Marian’s past that she thought had been locked away forever. Marian’s world is shaken to the core and memories of a young love affair threaten her perfect life. For Kirby, the encounter will usher her into adulthood and force her to reevaluate her family and future. As they search to find what is missing in their lives, each recognizes that where we belong is often where we least expect to find ourselves.
    Deb Caletti has written, “The Story of Us”. Cricket has a very long week, her entire family has come together for her mom’s wedding and it’s supposed to be a time for celebration. But for Cricket the timing is terrible. She has been in a less than perfect marriage for years. Now because of what she’s done, something she deeply regrets, Janssen has walked away. Now she is forced to face her fears and decide once and for all what she wants, and how she’s going to get it. Over the course of the week, secrets will be revealed and bonds tested. She finds her desires may send her spiraling down a path she never thought she’d take.
    Large print readers will enjoy, “Hannah’s Joy” by Marta Perry. Young widow Hannah struggles to adapt to Amish customs when she meets William Brand, who works in the furniture shop next door. William feels isolated from the community because of his stutter. Having studied speech therapy in college, Hannah offers to help William with his speech and their friendship blossoms into affection. Hannah soon encounters barriers between their faiths. Her late husband, a military man, would object to the Amish pacifist beliefs. How can she raise her son in a community that her deceased husband would object to?
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