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Nancy's Notes - December 6, 2012

“The Black Box”, by Michael Connelly, “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen, “Full of Heart” by J.R. Martinez
Harry Bosch returns in, “The Black Box”, by Michael Connelly. Bosch discovers Anneke Jespersen’s body in a dark alley. She’d been shot, execution style, on the night Los Angeles erupted in violence. Anneke carried a jounalist’s credentials, and Bosch assumed she had come to the center of the riots in search of a story. His investigation  was later reassigned and went to a dead end with the Jespersen murder going unsolved. Nearing the twentieth anniversary of the riots, the Open-Unsolved Unit is assigned with clearing up cases from that era. Bosch finds something new: the gun that killed Anneke was also used in other crimes years later. The investigation will stretch from the roughest neighborhoods of Los Angeles to distant battlegrounds where Jespersen once covered bloody conflicts.
    Navy Seal, Mark Owen’s, “No Easy Day”, has been controversial between those who believe they have a right to know about Osama bin Laden’s assassination and those who believe the operation should have remained confidential. Owen’s takes readers from operations in the streets of Iraq to rescues in the Indian Ocean, to the bin Laden compound in Afghanistan. Readers will travel with the handpicked twenty-four-man team as they train, carry out assault plans, and call in confirming Bin Laden’s death.
    We also own another military biography, “Full of Heart”, by J.R. Martinez. You may know him best from his stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars. Martinez had been deployed to Iraq for one month when the humvee he was riding in hit a mine and exploded. He spent thirty-four months in recovery from burns that covered one-third of his body. Martinez was filled with rage when he looked at his disfigured face in the mirror. His anger and depression were defused when he spoke to another young burn victim. He then realized how valuable it would be to share his experiences with other patients.
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