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Nancy's Notes - October 4, 2012

“After Camelot” by J. Randy Taraborrelli, “Helen Keller in Love” by Rosie Sultan, “The Unseen” by Heather Graham.
  The Kennedy’s are the closest thing to Royalty that America has had. J. Randy Taraborrelli has written, “After Camelot”, which is based on the author’s extensive research of the Kennedy clan. He tells of the years following the murders of Jack and Bobby, describes the challenges Bobby’s children faced as they grew into adulthood, the Shriver’s philanthropic work, and the emotional toll JFK’s assassination had on Jackie. The author goes on to inform readers of the complexities of Jackie’s marriage to Aristotle Onassis, the death of JFK Jr. and the grace of Caroline. The book tells readers how Ted Kennedy influenced the next generation and challenged them to uphold the Kennedy name.
    Rosie Sultan’s, “Helen Keller in Love”, is great for historical fiction lovers. The novel begins when Helen is in her thirties and Annie Sullivan is diagnosed with tuberculosis. Peter Fagan steps in as a temporary private secretary. He opens a new world to Helen, signing and lipreading, they begin a clandestine affair. When Helen’s secret is discovered her parents and Annie both voice their disapproval. As their pressure mounts the two plan to elope and Helen is caught between the expectations of the people who love her and  her desires.
    Heather Graham’s “The Unseen”, begins in the 1800’s in San Antonio. In room 207 of the Longhorn Saloon a beautiful young woman is murdered. Her killer was never found. One year ago in that same room, another woman vanished without a trace. Blood was found throughout the room but the body was never recovered. Currently San Antonio has become a dumping ground for battered bodies, all of them young women, long missing and all but forgotten. When Texas Ranger Logan Raintree is approached to lead a group of paranormal investigators working on the case, he has no choice but to accept the challenge.
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