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Nancy's Notes - May 21, 2015

Cost of books then and now. “Someone is Watching” by Joy Fielding, “Keep Your Friends Close” by Paula Daly

Last week my article listed the various committee members appointed to select materials for the new library. This week I found an article taken from the March 4, 1908 Monitor. It states:  The library board placed an order with L.C. Hamilton last week for $750 worth of books, which are expected to arrive this week. This is simply a beginning, as the board expects to place additional orders within a short time. The board has also received a large number of books from private parties. One big-hearted citizen presented the library with a complete file of the Century Magazine for the past thirty years….The board stands ready to receive the offerings of our citizens….. I’m sure $750 went a long way in 1908 however today we would probably purchase approximately 30 books for that price.
        Just in is Joy Fieldings “Someone is Watching”. As a special investigator for a Miami law firm, Bailey Carpenter is smart, shrewd, and fearless. When she’s assigned to spy on a deadbeat dad in the middle of the night, Bailey thinks nothing of the potential dangers until she is attacked and nearly killed.   Now the confidence Bailey once had in her life is shaken. Her nightmares continue into her waking hours and she’s unable to venture beyond her front door. A veritable prisoner in her own home, she finds a use for her binoculars: casually observing from her window neighboring buildings and other people’s lives. The diversion becomes a guilty pleasure when Bailey fixates on the guy across the street, until she realizes that he is also watching her. Suddenly she must confront the possibility that he may be the man who shattered her life.
        Paula Daly’s “Keep Your Friends Close” takes place in England’s Lake District. It is the story of an ordinary family and a devious best friend who tries to break them apart. Natty and Sean Wainwright have a perfect marriage, two great children, and a successful business. When their younger daughter falls ill on a school trip to France, Natty rushes to her side. Eve, her best friend, volunteers to stay with Sean and help keep the household together. When Natty comes home she discovers that Eve has enjoyed taking over the household and that Natty’s husband has fallen in love with her soon-to-be former friend.
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