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Check it out @ the Library May 3rd 2018

"Varina by Charles Frazier" "The Fallen by David Baldacci" "The Sixth Day by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison"
Check it out @ the Library May 3rd 2018

Varina by Charles Frazier

Check it out @ The Library

New On the Shelf

Varina by Charles Frazier.  Varina Howell agrees to wed a much older widower, expecting a Mississippi landowner to provide a life of security and ease.  Those plans go up in smoke when her new husband, Jefferson Davis, enters the political arena and eventually becomes president of the Confederacy.  As the Confederacy crumbles alongside her marriage, Varina must navigate the political and physical landscape to keep herself and her children safe with bounties on their heads and a nation in pursuit. 

The Fallen by David Baldacci.  Amos Decker and his friend Alex Jamison have stopped into Barronville Pennsylvania to visit Alex’s sister.  While relaxing on the back deck of the sister’s house, Decker notices strange lights in the windows of the house across the way.  His brief investigation of the building turns up two dead bodies without a clear cause of death.  Decker suspects there is more going on in Barronville than meets the eye, and this may just be a precursor for something on a much larger scale.  Between an uncooperative local police force and opposition from unseen forces, Decker and Jamison will need every resource at their disposal to solve this case and make it our alive. 

The Sixth Day by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison.  Several high-ranking political figures die unexpectedly and officials rule the deaths are from natural causes.  However, when the German Vice-Chancellor dies on the steps of 10 Downing Street and a drone is spotted nearby, the reality becomes clear.  All of the recent deaths have been a series of high profile assassinations, and the Covert Eyes team is tapped to investigate.  Clues lead the team to Roman Ardelean, wealthy cybersecurity expert and descendant of Vlad the Impaler.  Ardelean is seeking the Voynich Manuscript, which he believes holds the cure to his twin brother’s blood disorder, and is willing to murder any who stand in his way.  Now the Covert Eyes team is in a race against time to find Ardelean and stop him before he makes an even bigger attach on those he believes betrayed him. 

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